Dating. Drinking. Adulthood.

Season 1



 Dating... drinking... adulthood... You guys already know how this goes. I'm joined this week by the fabulous Lauryn (aka Lolo) as she sits down with me and discusses bisexuality vs pansexaulity, ideal situations to meet people in, follow up texts and ghosting! All this while downing some drinks, and having some great laughs! I learn a new term and get a better understanding of bisexuality. Even though we give our insights on these topics, just remember, we're not "sexperts", just "sexperienced"! 
*Warning: as usual there is sexual content and we drop some f-bombs here and there... so don't say I didn't warn ya! Thanks! 

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Blue Balls


 Hey whaddup y'all! Your host with the most is joined by Gio and Cesar as we take on questions some of the ladies have asked me. We discuss topics such as sleeping with someone on the first date, are exes really all crazy, who should pay on the first date and are blue balls a real thing! It's funny stuff so you're not gonna want to miss out on this episode. We also share some funny experiences we've had with women, including Cesar losing a tooth! What in the literal f**k!! Tune in and don't miss the shenanigans! Send us some feedback too! 

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Down in the DM


 Social Media... It plays such a huge role in our daily lives. I mean we're basically attached to our phones and constantly checking what's going in the world via social media. But can social play a role in our relationships? I have my guests, Lauren and Millie join the shenanigans this time around and we discuss what social media means for people and their relationships, friendships and just their social image. We discuss sliding in the DM's, posting pics with your significant other and more importantly, has social media made cheating more accessible?! Tune in and listen to our experiences and how we feel towards these topics! Strictly opinionated, never exaggerated... well maybe a little extra but don't miss the nonsense! 

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Drink and Swipe

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